Class Times

Classes currently take place weekly in Caversham at Hemdean House School Hall on Wednesdays from 7.00-9.00pm.  


You can come to one hour or to both - beginners always welcome.


First Hour - Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises (see below for more details).  


Second Hour - Tai Chi form.


You can just turn up on the day (there aren't any forms to fill out or any booking system), but please let us know by email if you have any questions about the classes (and see About Tai Chi regarding any medical conditions you may have).


For one hour - £8 per lesson or £70 for a block of 10 lessons paid in advance.


For two hours - £14 per lesson or £125 for a block of 10 lessons paid in advance.  


If you pay in advance for a block of lessons, you are only charged for the lessons you attend.

You can pay by cash on the day, but if you want to pay by bank transfer, please contact us by email for details.

What to wear

Generally it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, so you have a full range of movement for your arms and legs.


We wear shoes for practising; shoes with flat, level soles are best.  Tennis shoes or plimsoles work well, however trainers aren't ideal as they often angle forwards.  Please make sure that any shoes you wear have non-marking soles.


Access to Hemdean House School is from Hemdean Road in Caversham.  From the center of Caversham, proceed along Hemdean Road and the entrance is on the left, shortly after you pass Hemdean Hill.


Parking is available on site, but please note that parking is at your own risk.


To find the hall, come through the school gates and past the first building.  The hall is on your right, with the entrance at the far end.

What we practise in the class

First hour - Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises.  In this hour, we will practise a range of different Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises.  These are usually quite simple to learn and are always soft and gentle, but work deep inside the body - we will use these exercises to explore many of the principles of Tai Chi.


Second hour - Tai Chi form.  We will learn the Chen Style "Laojia Yi Lu" form, which is the most common version practised in Chen Village (Chen Style has a number of different variants/off-shoots).   The form is a long, flowing sequence of movements, which is traditionally the way Tai Chi is taught.  It is more complex than the exercises in the first hour, but is the core of Tai Chi practice and ultimately is the best way to practise.  In the "Links" section there is a demonstration of the form by Chen Yingjun.